Sufficiency of Evidence

Commonwealth v. Walker, 2016 PA Super 100

Posted in PA Superior Court Cases,Sex Offenses,Sufficiency of Evidence on May 13, 2016

Walker drove around town asking grossly inappropriate sexual questions of various underage girls. He tried to physically pull the last child he targeted into his car, but she was able to resist and flee. He first challenged the sufficiency of the evidence for his four unlawful contact with a minor convictions. The Information did not… read more

Commonwealth v. Beasley, 2016 PA Super 92

Posted in PA Superior Court Cases,Sufficiency of Evidence on April 28, 2016

Beasley and his friend Knox made bad choices. They fled police, crashed their car, and ran off leaving a gun in the car. When caught, they were in possession of drugs and cash. Knox gave a false name. Knox fled the police again eight months later. An officer later viewed Beasley’s Facebook page (it was… read more

Commonwealth v. Diehl, 2016 PA Super 93

Posted in Admission of Evidence,PA Superior Court Cases,Sufficiency of Evidence on April 28, 2016

A fire chief parked his emergency vehicle diagonally across the two lanes of I-83 and activated his overhead lights. Diehl drove past at 41-59 miles per hour, striking and killing the chief. An expert recreated the scene and testified that he was able to see the overhead lights 3,000 feet away. He further testified that… read more

Commonwealth v. Taylor, 2016 PA Super 83

Posted in Criminal Contempt,En Banc Appeals,Sentencing Claims,Sufficiency of Evidence on April 11, 2016

This was an en banc appeal from two indirect criminal contempt convictions. There was a PFA order against Taylor prohibiting threatening, harassing, and related contact toward his wife. The PFA order permitted text messages regarding legitimate issues involving the couple’s children. He was tried for two separate contacts with her during the course of divorce… read more