Sentencing Claims

Commonwealth v. Taylor, 2016 PA Super 83

Posted in Criminal Contempt,En Banc Appeals,Sentencing Claims,Sufficiency of Evidence on April 11, 2016

This was an en banc appeal from two indirect criminal contempt convictions. There was a PFA order against Taylor prohibiting threatening, harassing, and related contact toward his wife. The PFA order permitted text messages regarding legitimate issues involving the couple’s children. He was tried for two separate contacts with her during the course of divorce… read more

Commonwealth v. Finley, 2016 PA Super 78

Posted in Commonwealth Appeals,Sentencing Claims on April 5, 2016

Finley pleaded guilty to various charges after fleeing police, and was sentenced to an aggregate term of 13 – 20 months’ incarceration followed by two years’ probation (a sentence that sounds odd enough, but was composed of 10-20 months on the misdemeanors plus a consecutive flat 90-day sentence on a summary offense). The trial court… read more

Commonwealth v. Cole, 2016 PA Super 74

Posted in Admission of Evidence,Jury Deliberations,Sentencing Claims on March 28, 2016

The appellant was convicted of first-degree murder, robbery, conspiracy, and carrying a firearm without a license. During deliberations, the jury asked to see a video that had been introduced during the trial. The lower court, without objection by appellant’s then-counsel, sent a tech paralegal from the district attorney’s office in with a tipstaff to play… read more