Juvenile Cases

Commonwealth v. L.P., 2016 PA Super 89

Posted in Commonwealth Appeals,Juvenile Cases,PA Superior Court Cases,Pretrial Motions,Statutory Interpretation on April 14, 2016

  This was a Commonwealth appeal from a pretrial order granting decertification in a direct-file case. The fifteen-year-old juvenile felt disrespected at a dance. After leaving, he sought out a friend; they returned and opened fire. No one was killed, but shotgun pellets did strike and injure some people. At the decertification hearing, an expert… read more

Commonwealth v. B.H., 2016 PA Super 86

Posted in Juvenile Cases,PA Superior Court Cases,Statutory Interpretation on April 14, 2016

B.H. was adjudicated delinquent for sexual assault and rape. Originally, he agreed to admit to the charge of sexual assault and be adjudicated; part of the agreement was that there would be a finding of fact without adjudication on the rape charge. If he did not comply with terms of the imposed programs, he might… read more