Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Commonwealth v. Flor, 708 CAP

Posted in Attorney-Client Privilege,Collateral Order Appeals,Death Penalty,Ineffective Assistance of Counsel,PA Supreme Court Cases,PCRA on April 25, 2016

Flor appealed the PCRA court’s order granting the Commonwealth’s motion for production of the complete records of trial counsel (which was composed of 30,000 pages). Flor disarmed a police officer while in hospital custody; he shot an EMT and three police officers, killing one. After pleading guilty, a jury sentenced him to death. Flor’s PCRA… read more

Commonwealth v. Kelley, 2016 PA Super 64

Posted in Ineffective Assistance of Counsel,PCRA,Statutory Interpretation on March 15, 2016

This was an appeal from the denial of PCRA relief. The appellant, who was on state parole, gave his son counterfeit currency. It was of such poor quality that it didn’t fool the carnival workers who were supposed to unknowingly make change from it. The appellant pled guilty to various charges in exchange for a… read more